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With a single integration, telecom operators can leverage the reach of big mobile apps and operating systems to let their customers check their status, buy offers, and manage their subscription in native and branded interfaces.

One-point integration

Grow your digital sales

Optimise user experience

million user reach globally

billion API calls processed through the Millom platform last year


YoY growth in digital purchases across 3 MNOs


platform uptime

Accelerate your digital sales growth with Millom

Grow revenue by enabling digital sales across end-user services

A platform for distributing data products and engaging your customers where they spend time

Provide offers to customers in a smart and customer-friendly way


Flexible solution catered to future growth

Unlock telco assets for upstream monetiSation

Expand customer self-service features to lower customer handling-cost and improve customer experience

Reduce and optimise traffic load towards back-end systems

Single integration using your existing APIs

Complete Software Suite

Extend and amplify your existing sales and product systems. Our platform features are developed based on experience and learnings working with mobile operators and partners.

product library

Product Display Management

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  • Provide offers to customer without querying telco back-end
  • Enrich data sent through telco APIs to enhance customer experience

Offer & Campaign Management

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  • Sort and select offers to show (e.g. based on defined segments, history, or monetary balance)
  • Support MNO contextual offer engine when system is unstable, down or immature
  • Support operator’s business rules and specifications
  • Create segments of users in one channel that can be upsold in another

Notification Management

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  • Handles a variety of telco related events (e.g. low/out of data, on PAYGO, pack expiry, etc.)
  • Set a grace period to ensure compliance with operator’s contact policy
  • Filter users from receiving notifications (e.g. to avoid users receiving notifications from several channels)

Prediction engine

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  • Build user profiles to understand customer behaviour (e.g data burn down rates)
  • Support sending notifications if needed functionality is not yet developed in telco back-end
  • Optimize/distribute traffic load based on backend capacity


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  • Comprehensive set of big data tools which collect, analyse, and monitor events
  • Dashboards available as standard with API access and customization opportunity
  • Dedicated data pool and telco admin interface for user management

A/B testing framework

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  • Test every major change, analyse and decide what yields best performance
  • Example: Check if users are more likely to buy if they are offered what similar users bought
  • Example: Check if purchase frequency increase if notifications are sent at new threshold

Payment Support

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  • Supports payment through e-wallets
  • Allows multiple payment options per offer, giving customers the choice of payment method
  • Filters wallets according to remaining amount and offer price

Consent & privacy management

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  • Creates a Carrier Provided ID (CPID) to allow operators to anonymize data shared with service providers
  • Ensures that identities are handled according to legal and regulatory requirements

Data retrieval

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  • Import relevant data back into own analytics and CVM systems
  • Analytics API to share regular data as required (e.g. for updating user research segments)
  • Purchase look-up API to let CS verify purchase records in case of customer complaints
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Millom partners with world leading internet services and platforms like Google and Facebook to enable digital sales and distribution for mobile operators globally.

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Spin-out from Telenor Group serving 182M customers

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9+ years of experience on telecom API-integration

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Team with comprehensive telecom expertise

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