About US

A unique blend of telco and software expertise

Born out of telecom

What started out as an experiment to improve user experience in a well-known streaming service, ended up becoming the award-winning platform Millom, serving millions of end-users across multiple Telcos and Digital Service Providers world-wide.

As every company is tackling the shift from physical to digital sales and distribution, Millom further accellerate this by providing a one-point integration to a portfolio of third party digital apps and services. Millom means “in the middle” in old norwegian, and is representative for our role of connecting telco operators with digital players.

Millom is part Telenor Digital, but our business spans beyond the Telenor Footprint, serving the internet and telecommunication industry at large.

Millom platform

Our Background

Millom partners with world leading internet services and platforms like Google and Facebook to enable digital sales and distribution for mobile operators globally.

product library

Spin-out from Telenor Group serving 182M customers

security compliance

9+ years of experience on telecom API-integration

security compliance

Team with comprehensive telecom expertise

security compliance

A tried and tested platform


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