Last month, dtac launched Facebook Mobile Center and Text-Only Facebook, enabling their subscribers to stay connected on Facebook, even if they run out of data


dtac-branded Mobile Center in core Facebook app

dtac-branded Text-only Facebook

Facebook Mobile Center is a persistent operator page and customer engagement channel in the core Facebook app. By clicking on Mobile Center in Facebook, dtac users will find a dtac branded telco shop where they can check their balances, purchase data packages, explore special promotions, manage their subscriptions, chat with dtac customer service agents and much more, without ever having to leave the Facebook app.

Text-only Facebook enables dtac users who have run out of data to continue to use Facebook and stay connected with a text-only version of Facebook and Messenger until they can top their data balance again. Text-only Facebook allows dtac customers to message, post, comment, like, and share text-based content without consuming data.

How Lih Ren, CMO, dtac and Prae Dumrongmongcogul, Facebook Thailand Country Director, Meta

The Millom team and Telenor Linx are proud to be a part of this journey, supporting dtac in their digital growth with the capabilities necessary to extend its digital sales and customer service to third-party digital channels, such as Facebook.

Read dtac’s full press release here.

About dtac

dtac is one of the leading telecommunications operators in Thailand, offering mobile services to customers through contract and prepaid plans. In 2021, dtac had close to 20 million subscribers.


About Millom

Millom provides a solution for telco operators to engage with their customers where they spend their time. It is the leading sales and distribution aggregator of third party digital channels, serving telcos and digital players worldwide. With a single integration point to the Millom platform, telco operators are able to leverage the reach of big mobile apps and operating systems to sell, serve, and manage customer experiences. Millom is developed by Telenor Linx, a subsidiary of Telenor Group, providing telcos solutions modernising and monetising core telco assets.