Last month, Grameephone launched Text-Only Facebook and Discover, enabling their subscribers to stay connected and have a seamless experience when using Facebook.

Discover allows Grameenphone users to browse the internet using a daily balance of free data; Text-only Facebook enables users who have run out of data to continue to use Facebook with a text-only version. This ensures an improved experience for all its subscribers. These initiatives empower Grameenphone to increase the pace of the digitalization, digital inclusion, and access to information in Bangladesh.

Telenor Linx and the Millom team are proud to be a part of this journey, supporting Grameenphone with the capabilities necessary to extend its digital sales and customer service to third-party digital channels, such as the ones provided by Meta.

Read more about Text-Only Facebook and Discover with Grameenphone here.

Local news coverage about the launch can be found here (The Daily Star) and here (The Business Standard).

About Millom

Millom provides a solution for telco operators to engage with their customers where they spend their time. It is the leading sales and distribution aggregator of third party digital channels, serving telcos and digital players worldwide. With a single integration point to the Millom platform, telco operators are able to leverage the reach of big mobile apps and operating systems to sell, serve, and manage customer experiences. Millom is developed by Telenor Linx, a subsidiary of Telenor Group, providing telcos solutions modernising and monetising core telco assets.