Digi Telecommunications (Digi) is a large mobile service provider (MNO) in Malaysia with over 10.4 million subscribers. Digi has been one of the pilot operators using the Millom platform to serve its subscribers in Google’s Mobile Data Plan, Facebook AutoFlex, and Facebook Mobile Centre.


The challenge for most mobile service providers has been them quickly becoming utilities. Wider reach of coverage, competition, government, and regulatory pressure has pushed most mobile service providers to lower prices on their services. Part of the measures that mobile operators have taken to counter this trend are continuous investments in personalisation and smarter Customer Lifecycle Management systems. However, these efforts have mostly focused on serving customers in the operator’s own channels – whether it be USSD, SMS, web, or app.


Any personalised customer journey should also include the ability to sell your telco products where your subscribers spend their time. This is akin to having a fruit juice and selling it only in two or three owned properties in your town. If, for example, there was a big match at the local stadium on a hot and sunny day, wouldn’t you also want your product to be available in the stadium?

MNOs are facing the exact same issue. A large part of their customers hit the moment of need when using social networks like Facebook. To address this, Digi wanted to find a way to seamlessly serve customers who need data connectivity while using social media. Enter Facebook Mobile Centre – a dedicated MNO page within the Facebook ecosystem. Users are able to check their current data connectivity status, see available offers, and activate a data plan without needing to leave the Facebook app.

    Business impact

    Since its launch in April 2021, Digi has experienced a 50.8% growth the first 6 months of the average price of data plans purchased in Facebook’s Mobile Centre.

    The growth is predominantly driven by prepaid users purchasing longer-duration data packs. On average, these users constitute around 15% of all purchasing users but account for more than 50% of the total revenue.

    This user segment has grown steadily month-on-month. The observed trend shows the potential of Facebook’s Mobile Centre to address higher value customers.

    Average Purchase Price in Facebook Mobile Centre

    Average Purchase Price Development (Month-on-Month)

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