Millom participated in a panel debate on “Hyper-personalized customer experiences – what are they? Do customers actually want these and will they be of any benefit to telecom operators if we could develop them (well)”.

On October 27, Konstantin Nedev from Millom participated in a panel discussion on how to deliver hyper-personalised customer experiences as part of the two day Total Telecom Congress. Discussions ranged from how to meet customer expectations in the digital world, how to handle privacy concerns and as well as brands to look up to. 

The team in Millom welcomes these types of initiatives. We thrive in discussions with peers from telcos around the world and love to share of our experience and knowledge within the field of third party digital sales and distribution. Main takeaway from the panel discussions resonates with Millom’s core belief of building customer centric user journeys by engaging and serving customers where they spend their time.