A large telco operating in the SEA region serves millions of predominantly prepaid subscribers each day. The operator focuses on being a leader in digital innovation and strengthening resilience to provide its services across digital sales channels. To better serve subscribers across a large number of digital touchpoints, the operator relies on the Millom platform to bring its digital strategy to the next level. And are they happy to have Millom on board on their journey? Absolutely! Sales and revenue have more than doubled during only a few months of being connected. And the numbers continue to grow.


With the rapid change in customer behaviour and less need for physical stores, the operator’s strategy to adopt an omni-channel sales presence well beyond its own app and website has become more and more important to stay relevant. One strategically crucial digital sales channel has been Facebook. With Facebook, subscribers can easily buy additional data packs and manage their subscription without ever having to leave the app.

Despite the potential, the operator was struggling to see the success of the channel and understand customer needs. They were looking to improve the channel performance, provide personalised offers, and overall, increase the number of relevant customer interactions.


The operator leveraged Millom’s purpose-built platform and expertise to relaunch Facebook as one of their digital sales channels. With Millom, the operator now serves its subscribers with seamless, contextual in-app sales and service experiences each day with the help of the following modules:

  • The Offer & Campaign Management module of Millom helps the operator to personalise the offerings at individual customer-level by considering relevant behavioural and contextual elements of the customer journey.
  • Millom’s Actionable Dashboard helps the operator to keep track of product performance and adjust the products accordingly on the fly – without any technical dependencies – to achieve best performance.

Business impact

increase in sales volumes

increase in revenue

increase in successful purchase attempts

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